LogStackLIDAR: App-based measurement of raw wood stacks

LogStackLIDAR is the world’s first handheld measuring device for log stacks that does not rely on manual references. This makes it the most reliable handheld timber measuring device on the market.

With any Apple Pro devicethat includes the built-in LIDAR censor, you can measure stacks of timber in an efficient and reliable way.

The only thing you need to do is to download LogStackLIDAR in the App Store (only for iPad Pro and iPhone Pro), and you can start measuring log stacks right away – regardless of where you are in the world.

* For full functionality – including GPS position of the log stack  – choose an iPad or iPhone with cellular connection (iPad Pro WiFI + Cellular)

Why LogStackLIDAR for wood measurements?

There are plenty of options for measuring wood using your smartphone or a tablet. However, all other systems require manually defined dimensions such as height and length of the timber stack, which allows the user to influence the result of the wood measurement. 

With LogStackLIDAR you can rely on the result. This is due to built-in LIDAR scanner of the Apple Pro device, which sets the scale without the need of manual instruments such as measurement sticks or measurement tape. Thus, no human errors can manipulate the raw wood volume.

This makes LogStackLIDAR the most reliable measurement system in the marked, securing full transparency in the wood trade – faster than ever!

Total stack volume and cubic metres

The GPS position is recorded automatically, whereas unique information about the timber stack – e.g. stack number, quality and fixed log lengths – is manually registered. After this last step of the stack measurement, LogStackLIDAR produces a complete report with all relevant results, including the total stack volume, solid volume of timber, total number of logs and diameter distribution.


Fast, accurate and reliable timber measurement? Contact us now!

With LogStackLIDAR measurements of log stacks have never been easier – it is fast, accurate and reliable. Download the app now to get started!

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions regarding the most reliable handheld measuring device for raw wood stacks on the market.

A cloud based solution

The measured raw wood data can be accessed by all business partners through a secure cloud solution.

The results can be downloaded in different electronic formats – e.g. PDF, CSV or ELDAT. Also, you can set up a system for exporting files automatically via a secure API solution for your own ERP system. We can assist you in this process, if needed.

In case of no internet connection during measurement of the raw wood stacks, the data will be stored on the device and can be uploaded as soon as the connection is available again.


Easy to use

Much time can be saved applying LogStackLIDAR, as the system requires a minimum of training and is easy to use. All you have to do is to walk along the log stacks while scanning the front (and back surface) with your device. 

20 years of development

LogStackLIDAR is the product of a long journey. In the beginning of this millennium we started to experiment measuring raw wood stacks with a digital camera. Back then, the pictures were analyzed manually by workers behind a computer screen, and they identified the wood from the blank spaces in a log stack.

In the beginning we still used measuring sticks to establish the correct scale, but over the years we developed a stereo camera technique, which could set the dimensions without human interference. This technique has now been refined using the LIDAR scanning technology.

LogStackLIDAR is the newest addition to our product line: A result of more than 20 years of experience and development measuring raw wood stacks using photo optics.
We are constantly improving our products with machine learning using the continuous flow of data to optimize the precision of future wood measurements.

Contact us or book a demonstration for additional information about the advantages of using LogStackPRO or LogStackLIDAR for measurements in your business. If relevant, we will be pleased to arrange a visit and to demonstrate test measurements. This will of course be free of charge and non-binding.