About us

Measuring wood should be easy. That is why we have developed a handheld measuring device for calculating the volume of log stacks, which makes your work fast and easy and at the same time ensures that the quality of the measurements is first class. 

HD LogSystems has been engaged in photo measurement of logs since around 2000. We have improved the technology over the years and today we offer measurements of wood that are fast, precise and certified.  We are active in several countries - including Italy, Denmark and Germany. HD LogSystems measures over a million solid cubic metres of logs annually, and we're constantly expanding. 

Lars Kristiansen

When measuring wood became easier 

Lars Kristiansen is our Head of Development and Processes today, but over 20 years ago he had a job as a wood surveyor. He drove all over Eastern Jutland in Denmark to reach the log stacks in the various forests. With ranging poles, measuring tape, notepad and pen, he walked around the stacks, measured the wood and wrote down the values. However, he experienced that ten surveyors came to ten different conclusions when they measured the log stack. A frustrating fact. In wood measurements you want to be precise. On top of that, he found that he spent far too much time in the car in order to get to all those forests and then had to type down the survey readings as well. He thought measuring logs could be easier and more enjoyable. But how? 

One day he read an article in the newspaper: An IT company photographed cells from biopsies through a microscope to automate the detection of the round cells. He immediately thought that this procedure could also be possible with log stacks - the ends of tree trunks are round like the cells. 

Then Lars Kristiansen started photographing the log stacks with a digital camera. He handed over the task to the driver of the forwarder so that the log stacks could be measured immediately. The proportions were determined with a ranging stick and the memory cards were then sent to the office where the photos were processed on the computer. For more than 10 years this photo measurement method was the general measurement method in HedeDanmark a/s. Meanwhile, the data was continuously collected and today forms the basis for machine learning at LogStackPRO, which can calculate the solid metres in a log stack without scaling sticks and post-processing. 

Today log stacks are measured quickly, accurately and without other tools than the LogStackPRO. Lars Kristiansen and LogStackPRO even received an innovation award for the system from the KWF in 2022. 

We are part of something bigger 

HD LogSystems is part of Hedeselskabet and HedeDanmark a/s. This makes HD LogSystems part of an international company with annual sales of around €250 million in forest management and other green business areas. 

Hedeselskabet has more than 150 years of experience in forestry. In the 19th century, the widespread heaths were cultivated and reforested thanks to Hedeselskabet. Since then, the company has gained a deep understanding of the forest and the needs of the forest owner. HedeDanmark a/s has experience in everything from forest management to trading in raw wood and chips. 

Holzvermessung im Wald

Approved measuring device for logs 

The LogStackPRO system is certified by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, and each individual device is used for measurements only after it has been calibrated.  The state forest managements of Hessen and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania use LogStackPRO. The calibrated measured values ​​are used as a sales measure. The automated determination of fixed dimensions by LogStackPRO is also being increasingly used. 

Contact us or book a demostration for additional information about the advantages of using LogStackPro for measurements in your business. If relevant, we will be pleased to arrange a visit and to demonstrate test measurements. This will of course be free of charge and non-binding