LogStackPro – digital photo measurements of raw wood

The certified, award-winning measuring device, LogStackPro, has been specially developed for digital photo measurements of raw wood stacks in the forest.

The handheld device is only the size of a tablet, despite its the sophisticated software and sturdy hardware. LogStackPro thus meets the needs of our customers having to implement accurate real-time documentation of the raw wood volume in a stack as well as its accurate location.

Exact and reliable measurements of wood

The system includes photo documentation of your actual measurements and gives you an overview of raw wood stacks, forwarded and measured for efficient business control. The data of volume, status and location is processed immediately, encrypted and sent via the internet.

The electronic measurements of volume and solid volume delivered by LogStackPro are more efficient than a subjective assessment by minimising human errors in timber wood measurements. The technology is enhanced by machine learning based on more than 10 years of data from professionally computed timber measurements.

See how fast LogStackPro works

We have made a film showing how easy it is to use LogStackPro for digital photo measurement of raw wood stacks. See our video here.

How we differ from the rest of the market

LogStackPro is the only electronic volume measuring device which allows you to perform measurements of log stacks without using reference dimensions (stages, length and height) – on both the front and rear of the raw wood stack. LogStackPro is suited for businesses and organisations currently selling or buying raw wood.

This device is the only certified handheld measuring device with a margin error of only +/- 3 per cent.

"After a few stacks, I realised that I was holding a "milestone". I've never measured stacks as easily, fast and accurately or collected tactical data and analysed and activated it directly at the stack," says "round timber purchaser" - Olaf Jörns.


LogStackPro is financially attractive compared with other measuring devices on the market, due, among other things, to huge time savings in the use of the device and its more accurate, objective measurements compared with traditional measurements for wood.


Certified and award-winning

LogStackPro is certified at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB and Eichamt) as a Photo-optical measuring instrument to determine the area on the stacked timber logs - the only handheld system with this certification.

LogStackProSee the full certificate here

At the Interforst 2022 Exhibition in Munich LogStackPro was awarded with KWF’s (Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik) Member Award for Innovation. The award was given to LogStackPro after a vote by the 2040 members of KWF.

Contact us or book a demonstration for additional information about the advantages of using LogStackPRO or LogStackLIDAR for measurements in your business. If relevant, we will be pleased to arrange a visit and to demonstrate test measurements. This will of course be free of charge and non-binding.