HessenForst has streamlined and certified its round timber measuring using LogStackPro

A potential wait of several days has been reduced to a few seconds' efficient computer calculations at HessenForst, the forestry department in the German federal republic of Hessen. Here, the digital timber measuring solution LogStackPro from Danish HD LogSystems won the tender for a new system to measure raw wood stacks in Hessen. 

Using the new measuring system LogStackPro from HD LogSystems, previous methods are a thing of the past - manual as well as digital. The future is the smart, digital measuring device which in a fraction of the time it used to take to measure logs manually, offers exact calculations of the volume of wood in raw log stacks. LogStackPro devices are exact. The measurements are not subject to human errors and have thus been certified by PTB and Eichamt. 

HessenForst has embraced the new technology and in connection with the tender ordered 40 handheld LogStackPro devices for measuring in its large forest areas. These devices, the size of a tablet, have optimised measuring efforts in HessenForst significantly. 

“The actual photo measuring is a piece of cake and can be taught quickly.”

- Andreas Konze, forest manager at HessenForst

HD LogSystems, which is part of the Danish Hedeselskabet, has been training more than 80 employees at HessenForst in using the new system. However, training is not particularly complex as the system carries out most of the work on its own. Andreas Konze, forest manager at HessenForst, agrees as he told the German forestry magazine Forst & Technik: 

“The actual photo measuring is a piece of cake and can be taught quickly”, he says having just demonstrated the ease of measuring. 

HessenForst chose LogStackPro as the measuring instrument during the tender for its user-friendly, efficient data processing, little user intervention during measuring as well as certified measuring of both front and rear of the stack. The 40 measuring devices received by the forest department measure the timber in solid cubic metre, cubic metre and quantity. 

To measure a stack of logs, just turn on the device, point it towards the timber and walk along the stack - LogStackPro will measure the timber volume automatically. Current data, including stack details and GPS position, is encrypted and uploaded when the user presses ‘Send’. This means that it will be available at once to all stakeholders as soon as the upload is complete. 

This data is reliable as LogStackPro has been certified for trade by both PTB and Eichamt, which is the customers' guarantee that the measuring device is exact. 

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