Through continuous development and constant adaptation to new hardware, it has evolved into a powerful and precise measurement method that is becoming increasingly important in the state, private and communal forest sector.


» For several years Hessen-Forst has worked successfully and efficiently together with Heidegesellschaft as service provider of photo Measurement. Based on photo measurement it has become possible to generate a standardised control measure for the entire operation. The time savings compared to the normal measurement, the cost reductions that are thereby achieved and the documentation of quality and quantity, are just a few of the advantages of this measurement method. «
- Landesbetrieb Hessen-Forst, Kassel

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(Reference for previous version of digital meassurement)
»On account of the fact that we were hit hard, by the storm Niklas, in late March, photo measurement has since then been a source of very great relief, with regard to the recording of the timber. It has namely been possible to record large quantities of wood, easily and fairly accurately. «
- Landeshauptstadt München​