Guide: LogStackLIDAR is reliable and simple to use

With any iPad Pro that includes the LIDAR sensor, you can measure raw wood stacks with our app, LogStackLIDAR, which relies on more than 10 years of data. A full report will be ready within minutes. Here’s how:

Before starting

Download LogStackLIDAR from App Store and open the app. Log in with credentials given by HD LogSystems. 

Record the front side
Select “Measure” from the menu, and press the red record button: Now walk along the timber stack while scanning the front surface with your device. When you reach the opposite end of the stack, press the red button again to complete the recording.
LogStakLIDAR - record and choose measure
Inspect the measurement
A photo of the measured stack will appear after a short while. Here you can inspect the measured log stack and check for missing logs 
  • For easy recognition of missing logs, select “Fill” from the bottom bar menu
  • To add new logs, select “Edit”: Tap+drag the screen to add a new log, and adjust the size with your fingers
  • Incorrectly sized logs can be adjusted using the adjustment bar (+/-) to the left
  • Tap “Navigate” in the bottom bar menu to exit ‘edit mode’
  • You can also erase logs by choosing “Erase” and tapping false logs. Press “Navigate” again to exit ‘erase mode’
LogStakLIDAR - inspect
Easy backside measurement
With an iPad in your hands you can easily walk behind the raw wood stack and measure the back side of the stack as well. Select “Back” from the top bar menu and record the back side as you did the front side. Inspect the backside measurement as well to ensure that no logs are missing or incorrectly sized.
This step is important for an accurate result, since log stacks often vary on the front and back side.
LogStakLIDAR - easy backside
Close-up measurement
To obtain a precise solid volume percentage of the log stack, you should perform a close-up measurement by choosing “close-up” from the top bar menu: Step close to the stack (around 1 meter) and press record. Walk alongside the stack, until you have measured approximately 25 % of the stack surface.
The close-up measurement is important to get the exact solid volume of the raw wood stack, as this result is directly influenced by the solid volume percentage.
LogStakLIDAR - close-up measurement
Fill in the form
To obtain the full measurement report, you need to fill in certain information about the roundwood stack: Select “Form” form the top bar menu and give in important information like “Stack number”, “Assortment length” and “Tree species”.
Information marked with * are mandatory to fill in.
LogStakLIDAR - fill in form
A full report
Once you have filled in the form, you can submit the stack measurement by selecting “Submit” from the top right corner.

Now a full measurement report will appear with all relevant results, including the total stack volume, solid volume of timber, total number of logs and diameter distribution.
LogStakLIDAR - report

Access results through the cloud

The measured timber data can be accessed by all business partners through a secure cloud solution.

The results can be downloaded in different electronic formats – e.g. PDF, CSV or ELDAT. Also, you can set up a system for exporting files automatically via a secure API solution for your own ERP system. We can assist you in this process, if needed.

In case of no internet connection during measurement of the raw wood stacks, the data will be stored on the device and can be uploaded as soon as the connection is available again.