Digital photo measurement
of logs with HD LogSystems

HD LogSystems develops and sells wood measurement solutions, including LogStackLIDAR & LogStackPRO. HD LogSystems is part of the international trading and service company HedeDanmark a/s, whose history can be traced back to 1866.

Photo measurement of timber

The certified measuring device for logs, LogStackPRO, was specially developed for the digital photo-optical measurement of log stacks in the forest in order to carry out precise real-time documentation, fixed meter calculation, and position determination. The robust and, at the same time, handy device with modern software has been certified by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig, Germany.

LogStackPRO in Hessen

What used to mean waiting several days for measurement results is now done at HessenForst within a few seconds thanks to electronic volume measuring devices. The Landesbetrieb HessenForst has been a business partner of HD LogSystems for several years, and today it measures the raw wood stacks in the forest with the calibrated measuring device for round wood. The volume calculated by LogStackPRO has been accepted as sales volume in Hessen thanks to the PTB certification. 


Give us a call and learn more about the benefits of the handheld measuring device LogStackPRO. If required, we would also be happy to visit you at your company and carry out test measurements with you so you can experience how quickly and reliably you can perform measurements of wood. This is, of course, free and non-binding.

Innovationspreis der KWF

LogStackPro wins the KWF Innovation Award

More than 2,000 forestry practitioners have awarded the calibrated measuring device for logs with the KWF Members Award. Lars Kristiansen, Head of Development and Processes, and Jan-Peter Kellermann, Sales and Support Manager, received the innovation award at Interforst 2022.

LogStackPRO offers you

Holz im Wald

Precise raw wood measurements in the forest
Through data from ten years of photo measurement with manual post-processing in the office, the wood recognition is optimised with the help of automated learning. That is why LogStackPRO and LogStackLIDAR today can calculate the volume so quickly and precisely without outside help.

zertifiziertes und handgehaltenes Messgerät für Rundholz

The only certified and handheld measuring device for logs
LogStackPRO is the only measuring device for measuring logs that is both portable and PTB-certified (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt). This is your guarantee that your measurements are excat and valid for trading of the wood.


Photo measurements of log stacks without a reference dimension
A big advantage of the LogStackLIDAR and LogStackPRO compared to other devices that can measure photo-optically is the fact that no measuring stick or measurement tapes are needed to determine the size ratio. This ensured by the LIDAR-censor and stereo camera in the systems.

Easy backside measurement of the stack

Easy backside measurement of the stack
Another advantage of a handheld device is the ability to measure the backside of the stack, which is necessary for an exact measurement. This measurement is like the frontside also documented in the final measurement report.