LogStackPro – digital photo measurements of raw wood

The hand-held, certified measuring device, LogStackPro, has been specially developed for digital photo measurements of raw wood stacks in the forest.

Despite the sophisticated software and sturdy hardware, the device is only the size of a tablet. LogStackPro thus meets the needs of our customers having to implement accurate real-time documentation of the raw wood volume in a stack as well as its accurate location. We are dedicated to providing factual knowledge to forest stakeholders - fast, reliably and accurately.

See how fast LogStackPro works

We have made a film showing how easy it is to use LogStackPro for digital photo measurements of raw wood stacks. See our video below.

Prompt and reliable overviews

  • Certified measurements (PTB and Eichamt), including photo documentation, of your actual measurements
  • Overview of raw wood stacks, forwarded and measured for efficient business control
  • Immediate data of volume, status and location – which are measured, encrypted and sent via the internet


Certified at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB and Eichamt) as Photo-optical measuring instrument to determine the area on the stacked timber logs. The only handheld system with this certification.

Exact measurements

Exact measurements

  • Electronic measurements of volume and solid volume are more efficient than a subjective assessment (minimising human error)
  • Machine learning based on more than 10 years of data from professionally computed measurements (imaging process)
  • In short, a fully objective approach to measurements 

Huge time savings

  • Your measurements will be fast, efficient and very easy to do: switch on the measuring device, pass the stack of raw wood and check the measurement visually on screen
  • You get the result immediately and can then send encrypted data to a back-end server via the internet. You decide who are to access its data
  • If you have no internet connection at the raw wood stack, your data from the measurements will be saved on the measuring device. 
Easy data management

Easy data management

  • Data will be shared efficiently with your stakeholders. They can access data via login or using approved file formats via standard API (i.e. data will be integrated automatically into your existing systems). Whatever access, data is easy to manage for further use
  • Your data is stored safely on servers for the period agreed and you can not only access it at all times but also retrieve and store data  

Simple user experience

  • The solution is simple to use and requires a minimum of training
  • The hand-held device allows you to perform measurements at the rear of the raw wood stack, also in confined spaces​
  • The free preregistration APP provides you with details about the stack as soon as forwarding from the forest is done.  This supports efficient logistics and facilitates the overview

Developed by professionals for professionals

HedeDanmark has been dedicated to the management and operation of Danish forests since 1866 and was the first to use digital photo measurements in Denmark back in 1999. And HedeDanmark's experienced foresters developed the LogStackPro measuring device for digital photo measurements, and it is sold by the HD LogSystems department. 

HedeDanmark uses its proprietary LogStackPro for digital photo measurements of raw wood stacks in Danish and German forests. 

"After a few stacks, I realised that I was holding a "milestone". I've never measured stacks as easily, fast and accurately or collected tactical data and analysed and activated them directly at the stack," says "round timber purchaser" - Olaf Jörns.​

How we differ from the rest of the market

How we differ from the rest of the market

  • LogStackPro is the only hand-held system which allows you to perform measurements without using reference dimensions (stages, length and height) – on both the front and rear of the raw wood stack
  • This device is the only certified hand-held system with a margin of only +/- 3 per cent
  • ... and the most accurate system to determine forest volume

LogStackPro is suited for businesses and organisations currently selling or buying raw wood.


LogStackPro is financially attractive compared with other measuring devices on the market, due, among other things, to huge time savings in the use of the device and its more accurate, objective measurements compared with traditional measurements.

Contact us

Call us for additional information about the advantages of using LogStackPro for measurements in your business. If relevant, we will be pleased to arrange a visit and to demonstrate test measurements. This will of course be free of charge and non-binding.

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